For Volunteers

For Medical Students

Shade Tree Clinic is an invaluable and unique component of the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine experience. The clinic is run entirely by medical students, which sets Vanderbilt’s medical program apart. Students who wish to be involved with the clinic can apply via email at the beginning of their first year. And there are many exciting ways to be involved! If you have any questions about the Shade Tree experience as a student or how the application process works, please contact

For Undergraduates and Other Students

Whether you are a student contemplating a medical career, a post-doc looking to get some clinical exposure, or other interested volunteer, we would love to have you at our clinic! By volunteering, you will be able to work with a care team comprised of medical students and physicians, observe patient encounters, and assist with other clinic duties as needed.

Volunteer opportunities at Shade Tree vary by the month and season. We currently do not have any openings, but please fill out this form to place yourself on our list.